Our experienced technical team and manufacturing engineers utilise the most up to date manufacturing methods and technologies alongside Market leading manufacturing equipment to undertake the design, prototype, and manufacture of high end precision components, complex parts and assemblies for a diverse range of industries.

The majority of machining programs are created offline using HyperMill and HyperCad utilising 3D models created with Catia V5 3D software.This industry standard software system can easily cope with any complex machined or modelled shape including impellors, turbine blade or any other 3D profiles & surfaces. Outputting to our 3, 4, 5 axis machines for manufacture before our Programmable CMM inspects parts using the original customer model or drawing for a seamless production/quality interface.










Design for Manufacture

BPE would appreciate the opportunity to be involved at the design stage of your project, offering engineering expertise in the latest manufacturing techniques to avoid building in cost and optimizing efficient manufacturing.

Prior to production, where there is history of particular parts, it is of great benefit when a member of our sales team visits the customers facility to understand product challenges. Through experience little extras, often not documented on drawings or specifications, can be passed on through shared exchange of technical knowledge ensuring decisions can be made that would contribute to significant savings and improved production yield and delivery.